The Loom Shed and The Loom Room France are joining forces!

I’m so excited to be chatting online to Liz and Louise at The Loom Shed in two weeks’ time (Sat 3 Sept) about the upcoming book Woven Optical Illusions by Katharina Krönig and me. I’ll be making a presentation of around 45 mins which will be followed by chatting and questions from the audience. Not only will you get a preview of some of the work in the book, you’ll also be getting a ‘behind-the-scenes’ peek at how we have developed some of the illusions. Katharina and I have been having such a lot of fun with this book project and getting great feedback on the contents, so I hope you can join us on Saturday 3 September at 10.30 UK time for around an hour.

You can book a spot here at The Loom Shed.

In the meantime, the writing is being done and all the intricacies of publishing any book are being absorbed. Although this is not our favourite part of the project (it’s so much more fun designing and weaving those designs!) it is vital if we are to get our ideas and insights across to you, our happy and hopefully inspired readers!!

If you haven’t already got yourself onto the newsletter list and want to be notified of the publishing date in advance, then click on this link to get signed up.

In the meantime, don’t forget to book your spot at The Loom Shed!

I hope to see you there!!