Texture is often the poor relation to colour, but here it will shine in its own right! Texture, and tactility, is a passion of mine and you will have fun diving into the many varied yarns and several  techniques that you will be introduced to in this course. Topics covered are different to those in the online course, so even if you have taken the online course, you should find plenty of new material and techniques here.

The Structure:

Using textured yarns combined with various tapestry-type effects, such as clasped weft and discontinuous weft, we explore how texture can be brought to the fore on a 4- or 8-shaft loom. We also look at differential shrinkage and how that can play a fun part in creating many different textures.

The Experience:

Diving deep into the visual and tactile properties of texture yarns and several different techniques you can easily use to show off textural qualities, you will gain a real understanding of how you can incorporate texture into your weaving with confidence and have fun playing with possibilities without any pressure of ‘getting it right’!

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