This course looks at various facets of double cloth from a sculptural perspective such as layer switching, inserts and double width moving the fold around from place to place. As well as engaging physically with these properties and the possibilities they provide, we also take a look at some fabulous weavers who have taken one or more of these elements and turned them into fascinating works of art.

The Structure:

We focus on two specific areas of exploration – layer exchange and moving the fold around – to explore interesting sculptural forms. Double cloth takes twice as long to weave so we focus on the amazing versatility of these aspects, as well as studying how other weavers have tackled this in the past and discussing how we can create original ideas in woven sculpture.

The Experience:

This is as much a three-dimensional visioning exercise as a weaving one as you will be encouraged to explore and experiment with sculptural forms. It is incredibly satisfying to wrap your head around thinking in 3-D and although sometimes it can be a challenge, it is a thoroughly rewarding endeavour. At the very least, you will never regard a piece of double cloth in the same light again!  (Intermediate & Experienced Weavers)

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