Tubular weaving has become a particular favourite of mine – it leads the brain down all sorts of interesting avenues. The principles are actually pretty straight forward – it’s what you can do with it that is so much fun! In this course we shall look at two specific areas of exploration – differential shrinkage to create dimensional effects and mixing single and double cloth alongside floats all within the tube structure to create different surfaces and effects.

The Structure:

With three looms set up differently, you will be able to move to a new loom each day so that you get the chance to try out a variety of different ideas. After learning the principles of weaving tubes, you will quickly develop techniques that will allow you to play with the surface texture of the tube.

The Experience:

Thinking in 3-D is such fun once you have grasped the knack and it’s amazing just what you can create on 8 shafts! You will go away with an awakened sense of the possibilities inherent in tubular weaving and hopefully full of ideas to try out at home!!   See what previous students think about our courses

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