Here you will find published books and monographs. Some are available as print-on-demand, some as pdfs and some as both.

What is Print-on-Demand?     Print-on-Demand is a way of selling books without holding lots of physical stock and sending it out by mail from France with all the delays that that entails. It means that you can order a physical copy of the book and it will be printed off and sent to you directly with the minimum of delay and incurring only local postage costs within your own country. There are many different self-publishing companies around and the formats are continually changing. However, currently the simplest method for customers is via Amazon. Not everyone is happy with this, which I totally understand, but you have the option to order the pdf directly from me to your inbox.

What is a pdf?    A PDF is a downloadable e-document with exactly the same content as the original book, but not in physical form. It comes directly from me to you via your email inbox and you can save it onto your digital device and read it from there.  It does mean that if you want to have a physical book in your hand and you order a pdf, you will need either to take it to a printing firm to get it printed out into book form, or print it yourself from your computer.

Ordering     Click on the image below to go to the book description. To order, click on the relevant link from that page – pdf or print-on-demand. The link will take you either to an order page (for the pdf), or for print-on-demand orders, to (Amazon France). You might prefer to change the Amazon site to your own country’s Amazon address.