Three Techniques for Texture is an introduction to three methods which give different and distinctive effects, bringing the surface of your cloth into dimensional relief. Looking at woven shibori for texture, overshot for texture and seersucker, you will learn the fundamentals of these three techniques and see the potential that they can bring to your cloth.

The Structure:

Over the course of the week you will focus on three techniques, exploring how each one works, and experimenting with different designs and yarns to give you an understanding of the possibilities inherent in each technique. The round robin workshop enables you to cover all three techniques without having to change any threading so all your time can be spent on exploring and having weaving fun.

The Experience:

Diving into each one of these categories will give you useful tools and techniques to add to your arsenal of abilities and knowledge so that you can create original cloth that has meaning to you. Suitable for intermediate and experienced weavers.   See what previous students think about our courses

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