Compagnons du Tour de France, Fédération Compagnonique¸ Agen – Oct/Nov 2020, Agen, Lot-et-Garonne

Tactile Tectonics – April 2018, Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek, UK

Growth Forms –  MA show – 2014 University of Derby, UK


Nature in the Making – Nov 2016 Galerie de Sleedoorn, Zetten, Holland

Nature in the Making –  May 2015, Garnlager Lyssach, Near Bern, Switzerland

Nature in the Making – August 2014, Eugene Textile Centre, Oregon US

Nature in the Making – July 2014, B2 Gallery, Tacoma, Washington US

Nature in the Making – April 2014, Arts in Oxford, Christchurch, New Zealand

Nature in the Making – March 2014, Earth House, Peria, New Zealand


Cross Border – 2021 online exhibition International Weaving Network

GAAMA – 2020-2022 – Association Métiers d’Art et Créateurs, Barbaste, Lot-et-Garonne

Le fil ambulant – Mai-Sept 2018 group exhibition, Fils et Métiers, Château de Varaignes, Dordogne, France

Métiers d’Art en Gascogne – Sept & Dec 2017, group exhibition, Journée de Patrimoine, Xmas Fair

MIDLANDS TEXTILE FORUM Inspired by Flora – Sept – Nov 2011 group exhibition, Midlands Textile Forum, The Nicholson Gallery, Leek, UK

Exotica ­ – Sept – Oct 2010 group exhibition, Midlands Textile Forum, Botanical Gardens, Birmingham, UK

Evesham – March 2010 group exhibition, Evesham Library, Midlands Textile Forum UK

Complex Weavers Exhibition  –  June 2008, Tampa Bay, Florida USA

Convergence Tutors’ Exhibition  –  June 2008, Handweavers Guild of America, Tampa Bay, Florida USA

How Art is Made – March 2006 – 2012  Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, UK

Male + Female = Art – Sept 2006, International Women In Textile Art, Bienniale, San Jose, COSTA RICA

Made in the Middle – Craftspace

CURRICULUM VITAE (except exhibitions)


MA Distinction (2014) University of Derby, England 

Diploma in Jacquard Weaving (2005) Lisio Foundation, Florence, Italy

Diploma in Handloom Weaving (1995) Bradford & Ilkley Community College, England

BA (1983) Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama / Glasgow University, Scotland


Moved to France and set up The Loom Room France 2017 

Studio and Workshop Teaching; Online courses; Presentations to Guilds (international); Art; Writing weaving books

Set up The Loom Room (UK) 1997 

Bridal Fabric production and sales (1997 – 2000);   Accessories production and sales (2000 – 2004);  Studio and Workshop Teaching (2005 onwards);  Art

PUBLIC SPEAKER (Guilds, Conferences, Seminars) including:

Complex Weavers Seminars (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2022);

Keynote at Professional Weavers Network Conference, New Zealand (2014);

Braids International Conference, Manchester UK (2012);

Ann Sutton Foundation, Shetland UK (2012)

HGA’s Convergence Albequerque (2010);

Designer Maker West Midlands Forum, Arts Council England West Midlands, Birmingham, UK (2007);

North West Textile Forum conference – Textile Collections & Creativity (2006)

Important Commissions/Awards

Weave Editor for The Journal of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers (UK) 2018 – 2024

Chair for Midlands Textile Forum 2009 – 2011

Setting up a weaving workshop for the Omani Government (Public Authority for Crafts Industries) 2008

SmartArt award, West Midlands, UK 2006/07

Weaving Deep Sea series for exhibition in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery 2006

Leonardo da Vinci award, contacting textiles artists and forging connections, Lyon, FRANCE  2005

Staffordshire Moorlands Arts Organiser of the Year award 2005

Alan Hurst Special Achievement Award of the Year, Staffordshire Moorlands 2005

Arts Council England award for jacquard weaving, Florence, ITALY 2004

Set up and was Chairman for Staffordshire Open Studios from 2001 -2007


Woven Optical Illusions with Katharina Kronig – to be published 2024 

Beneath the Surface (2010, revised 2020)

Texture for Textiles (2010, revised 2020)

Honeycomb Hybrids (2017)

Woven Shibori for Texture (2010)

Other Publications

Images in Weaving: Structure and Substance Ann Richards (2021)

Images in Textiles : The Art of Mankind Mary Schoeser (2012)

Articles in the following magazines:

The UK Journal of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers (numerous)

Complex Weavers Journal (several)

British Tapestry Group Journal March 2019

American Tapestry Alliance Journal  Fall 2019

Staffordshire Life (several)

Art of England