HONEYCOMB HYBRIDS: HONEYCOMB FOR ALL TASTES –  a technical weaving book uncovering the many facets of honeycomb (also known as distorted weft).  I hope that you will find it a useful addition to your weaving library of an under-rated method of creating interesting surfaces and shapes in weave with the effective use of the simples of structures. (2017) 142pp

Contents:  1:  Traditional – With a Twist  2:  Sugar Spun – Lace  3:  Honey-glazed Ribs – Warp and Weft  4:  Layer Cake – Double and Tubular Cloth  5:  Honey Hybrid – Deflected Double Weave  6:  Honeycomb Turned

Includes many drafts and photographs and is available as a print-on-demand book and as a pdf.

Print-on-demand :    http://www.amazon.fr   Price: €38,96.             Order direct – PDF  29€