From 2011 – 2014, I researched and studied for a Masters Degree at the University of Derby, UK.

This was a multi-discliplinary Masters, rather than a textile one, as I wanted to work outside of my specialised field, using weaving as a medium for self-expression within an art context as opposed to a craft context. Exploring geology through weave was my declared intent, and the resultant work incorporated geological principles as well as weaving ones, inspired largely by travels in the US.

The work demonstrates the connections between forms found in geology, but also throughout all of nature, at all different scales. The work is divided into two main areas – Growth Forms and Strata Walls.

On being awarded my MA with Distinction, the work went to New Zealand as part of an exhibition called Nature in the Making with Agnes Hauptli. After two venues in New Zealand, it went to the US and later travelled to Switzerland, Holland, the UK and France.