Woven Optical Illusions


This course will introduce you to several different ways to include create optical illusions in your weaving – how to use different techniques and structures to get various effects such as floating cubes, depth perspective, wonky lines and visual perturbations – ‘funky eyes’ in my terminology!

You don’t need a lot of weaving experience to weave these. To get the most out of this course, you will need to be comfortable weaving plain weave and some experience of two-shuttle weaving would be helpful, although not essential. You will learn about using profile drafts to create interesting designs for different effects.

The looms are set up for you so that you can sit down and weave. During the week, you will learn about  the different structures and effects to give you the understanding you will need to create your own designs. All you need is yourself. All yarns and tools are provided.

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The Structure: 

We will look at shadow weave for creating depth perception and eye jitter effects using 4- and/or 8-shaft looms.

Tied weaves, such as Atwater Bronson lace, will be explored for creating depth using profile drafts.

Deflected double weave on eight shafts will be adopted for an artistic interpretation of Victor Vasarely and M.C. Escher.

The Experience:

Bringing optical surprises into your weaving is both rewarding and exciting! The sudden unexpected visual play that can arise for many different reasons was the inspiration into exploring this intriguing topic.

This is a fun and light course with plenty of opportunities for exploration in colour and structure.

Prepare for some fun!!

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