Individual ONLINE Courses and Workshops

I am developing a range of online courses and workshops which allows you to learn in a time-scale that suits you and in your own home.

For weavers wanting to develop their own weaving drafts, here’s a 3-hour live workshop to help you do just that!

For longer study, I am currently developing a course on Exploring Honeycomb/Deflected Weft, bringing three elements of this fascinating study into the spotlight. Spaces will be limited so that I can provide a really personal service to you.

Techniques for Texture for creating dimensional surface texture is next. Further courses will be added as they evolve.

If you are interested in either of these two online courses, please send me an email




If your weaving group hosts meetings or other events online, I offer talks and presentations of between 60-90 minutes directly to your members.

Topics include :

Woven Optical Illusions, Weaving Art, Elements of Design, Ever Increasing Circles, Honeycomb Hybrids, 3 Faces of Weave (tradition, art, well-being), Texture – Surface and Depth.

Email me for further information