The Structure:

The round-robin workshop gives you the opportunity to explore four facets in three modules of this fascinating technique.

  1. Traditional and (1b) weft-dominant Honeycomb.  This module allows you to explore variations including spacing the honeycomb for different effects and creating weft-dominant honeycomb which gives very different results.
  2. Overshot Honeycomb – this is a wonderful variation on overshot that takes it away from solid block weaves to a delicate and surprisingly tactile translation of some of the most loved overshot designs.
  3. Honeyhuck – this is a variation of huck lace that is derived from the floats of honeycomb. 


This studio course, based on the book Honeycomb Hybrids : Honeycomb for All Tastes, introduces you to a different way of approaching honeycomb, seeing connections with other weaving techniques and encouraging you to explore beyond the basics of any one technique.

Honeycomb is largely under-rated, a structure traditionally consisting of plain weave cells alternating with warp and weft float cells. Whilst simple in form, it lends itself to different uses and adaptations.

To get the most out of this course, it will help you to have a good working knowledge of weaving plain weave, twills and some experience of two-shuttle weaving.  

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The Experience:

Bring a new perspective to weaving by using honeycomb to think about different techniques. Students find this approach refreshing and innovative, helping them to understand the elements of the structure to approach their own weaving in a new light.

This is a fun and light course with lots of experimentation, happy accidents, and wonderful results! Play is definitely encouraged!!

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