I have written a number of articles mostly for the Complex Weavers Journal and the Journal for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers (UK). You will find my articles listed here.

Complex Weavers

October 2005 #79. Jacquard Loom

October 2008 #88. Peter Collingwood – Filming the Hot Shot Weaver with the Big Bang Loom  with Wendy Morris

February 2009 #89  Hummertime (Jacquard Study Group)

February 2010 #92. Collapse, Pleat & Bump Sampling (Collapse, Pleat & Bump Study Group)

February 2011 #95. UK Study Day with Marg Coe

June 2011 #96. Capturing Clouds in Cloth (Jacquard Study Group)

October 2012 #100. UK Study Day with Jennifer Moore

June 2013 #102.  Simple Stitched Double Cloth (Collapse, Pleat & Bump Study Group)

February 2014  #104. Woven Shibori – Tradition with a Twist (Focus on Woven Resist)

October 2014 #106. The Making of ‘Nature in the Making’ 

October 2018 #118. The Remote Presenter: How to be in Two Places at Once

June 2019 #120. ‘Coals to Newcastle’ or ‘Jacquards to France’

June 2021 #126. When is a Waffle Not a Waffle? When it’s a Honeycomb!



The Journal for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers

September 2004 #211. Jacquard Hi-Jinks

December 2004 #212  Jacquard Hi-Jinks Pt II

June 2006 #218.  Leonardo in Lyon

Autumn 2010 #235. How to choose the best loom for your needs

Autumn 2011 #239. The Beginner’s Guide to Secondhand Looms

Autumn 2016 #259. Readers’ Showcase: Stitched Doublecloth Growth Forms

Autumn 2021 #279. Technical Notes: Weaving – Sleying Chart for ends per inch and ends per centimetre

Winter 2021 #280. Understanding Colour-and-Weave & Shadow Weave

Spring 2021 #281. The Versatility of Overshot


Other publications

AMERICAN TAPESTRY ALLIANCE.     Tactility & Technology – Natural Bedfellows in the 21st Century?  (Fall 2019)

TAPESTRY WEAVER – British Tapestry Group.         Ramses Wissa Wassef Arts Centre (Mar 2019)


I did a masters in 2011-14 and wrote three essays as part of my research into weaving’s place in art and science. You are welcome to use these to inform your own practice, but I would appreciate you letting me know if you write a piece for your own studies/article/book and acknowledging the source of your research. Thank you. 

2011  Weaving in the field of Science/Art: Are woven textiles a valid art-form through which to explore/explain science? 

2012  Form, function, philosophy: what is the role of textiles in a post-industrial world?

2013  Textile Art – a tactile interface in a digital world

An additional and useful resource is the Annotated Bibliography which includes all the research I did over the three year period into my essays and my own practice.