Woohoo! I can now shout it from the rooftops –

Woven Optical Illusions is being published TODAY – 26 April 2024!

Sorry if I seem a little excited, but it’s been a long time coming and I know from your emails to me that you feel the same! But now, if you’ve pre-ordered, the book will be on its way to you!!

If you haven’t pre-ordered, you can go to Blackwells, if you are outside of the UK – with FREE international shipping – and if you’re UK resident, you can buy direct from the publisher, The Crowood Press.

And, of course, it’s available on Amazon too.

It will be in US shops in around another 6 months, and I’ll keep you posted about that date when I know more.

In the meantime, I’m sad to say there are a few Errata, but if you go to the book’s page on my website, you’ll be able to download the pdf of the lifesize replacements so you can physically cut and paste them into the book, which is what I’ve done in my copy.

Thank you so much for your patience. I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired to create some woven optical illusions on your loom!!

Happy Weaving!