WOVEN SHIBORI FOR TEXTURAL EFFECTS (2010)  (58pp)    Downloadable PDF 15€ 

This monograph, written in 2010, follows a series of samples exploring the potential of using woven shibori to create textural surfaces.  We start with seersucker and use differential shrinkage to create effects. Warp and weft shibori elements create additional puckering and folds, giving more sophisticated results which have an organic feel to them.  Shibori can be used with as few as 4 shafts, but multi-shaft looms give greater variety in textures.  The samples for the monograph were woven on a 24S dobby loom and most of the designs are for 16 – 24 shafts.  However, the principles behind the technique are easily converted to 8 shafts.

The original publication is now out of print but the monograph is now available as a pdf.  (Please note that the cover image has been changed for this pdf version.)  It has 58 pages and weaving drafts and images of all samples are included.  The book contains:

  • Background research – including methodology, photography
  • Seersucker – Methods, drafts, images, shrinkage chart
  • Shibori – Weaving Shibori on 8 shafts, shibori samples (24shafts), including Regular Shibori, Waves & Dunes, and Volcanoes & Craters, Interpretation of Results and Shrinkage Chart
  • Conclusions, and Resources