Sorry to blog again, but several people have asked what is the difference between a pdf and print-on-demand.

Print-on-demand means that you will be getting a physical soft-cover book through the post.  Postage costs and postage times vary hugely depending on where you live as the CreateSpace (publisher) copies are printed in the US, although and (and other EU countries) sometimes offer free postage.

PDF is a downloadable e-document with exactly the same content but not in physical form.  That means that if you want to have a physical book in your hand and you order a pdf, you will need either to take it to a printing firm to get it printed out into book form (which is what I am doing for my own copy!), or print it yourself from your computer.

I hope this helps!  I actually wanted to get it printed into a book with a spiral binding but the costs were so ridiculously high that this is the best way to get it out to as many people as want it internationally.

Happy Reading, and Happy Weaving!!