After weeks of radio silence on the progress of our book Woven Optical Illusions, co-author Katharina Kronig and I are now really proud to announce that Crowood Press, from the UK, have taken the book into its portfolio and are publishing it in hardback in a few months.

You might know Crowood Press as the publisher of Ann Richards’ books, Weaving Textiles that Shape Themselves, and Weaving: Structure and Substance.  They are increasingly developing their weaving portfolio, as well as other textile disciplines, and have added some well-known names from the UK weaving scene to their contributing authors, so there will be several new books to look out for in the not-so-distant future!

Woven Optical Illusions is one of those and the book has now been delivered to Crowood and will follow the usual publishing process of layout, proof-reading etc. So whilst we cannot give a definite date for the publication, we can confirm that it will be much more widely available than if we had self-published it as we had originally intended. That will hopefully be good news if you are not in the UK and also if you are not a keen supporter of Amazon! Plus it will be in hardback.

We are sorry for the delay in making it available to you, but we are positively enthusiastic that the end result will be something that you will love to read and use, and that you will find the wait worth it.

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Until next time,

Happy Weaving!