Wow, I’ve been amazed at the wonderful response to Woven Shibori for Textural Effects!  Thank you so much for your warm comments and orders!! 

Typically, there have been a few technical glitches, notably with a Paypal button for the US postage that kept showing the wrong amount when people ordered.  When I went into the html for the button (not that I really know what I’m doing – just the stuff I’ve picked up doing all this!), I could see nothing wrong.  Everything appeared to be correct – the correct price, the correct postage rate – but the sums were coming up short!  Go figure! 

Anyway, that little problem is solved now.  I eliminated the US postage button and joined the US and Canada to Australia and New Zealand – so now you know – the ocean needn’t come between you!!  Amazing what one can do to re-arrange world order in the realms of cyberspace and computerland!!  <LOL>

It’s been frantic, but it’s also been extremely energising.  It’s an incredible feeling to get your thoughts down in a book.  There is a curious mix of exhilaration, relief, determination to iron out things you are not so happy with, concern with how people will take it, and relief.  Did I mention relief?  Oh yes!  What a relief!!

It’s a long process and one which you’re never quite sure will end.  There are always little things to tweak even when you thought everything that could be tweaked had been tweaked.  My DH did wonder why I was looking so ‘tweaky’….  Sorry – it’s addled my brain!  :^))

I remember a simiilar feeling of pride and accomplishment when I had given birth to Chris, and I said happily to my husband, ‘Oh I could do that again!’  Hmmmmm..  I have just the one child!  I’m hoping history doesn’t repeat itself and I end up finding that Woven Shibori for Textural Effects is an only one… 

There are plans for more.  More texture in familiar and not-so-familiar places.  Different approaches to weave structure.  Lots of playtime!  For me, the fun is in the sampling!  Yes, I am an unashamed sample queen!  Maybe one day I’ll get around to creating the art that is in my head.  I will really need a goodly sized computer hand jacquard loom for that, though, so it may be a while…. 

But in the meantime, I hope my weaving friends in the US are having a lovely holiday break for Thanksgiving.  Let’s raise our virtual glasses to that.  Thanksgiving in whatever guise it is for us!