Although it’s only on for a week, there is a fabulous weaving exhibition on in Lectoure, Gers, right now. Monique Dautant weaves in the Landes region (the departement to the west of us) and has created beautiful wall hangings from simple weaves on four shafts and integrated silver birch bark in some of them. Others have characters painted on to paper wefts after weaving, others have discontinuous wefts, but all have a beautiful sensibility about them.

Monique weaves in a variety of styles – here we see mostly balanced weaves using white, black and the birch bark. She also has created more weft-faced paper pieces with a painterly feel. Additionally, she has some thread and wood pieces pertaining to masks which look dramatic against the far wall of the gallery.

A word about the gallery – Polli Kaminski has created a tranquil and intimate setting for exhibitions and this is her first outing with textiles, so I’d like to say a huge thank you to her for taking on a weaver. Monique’s work is lovely and suits the space brilliantly.

If you are local, do go along – I know there are only a few days left, but it really is a worthwhile trip.

If you are not local, I hope you will enjoy looking at Monique’s work and do visit her Facebook page.