I’m delighted to announce that the International Weaving Network’s second virtual exhibition Freedom is now live!!

As artists, the freedom to dream and to express those dreams, those inspirations, is vital. As weavers, the freedom
to weave ideas together in a physical, tangible form to express something beyond the surface of thread and
structure is who we are and what we do.
But with freedom also comes responsibilities – to the environment in our choice of materials; if we dye our threads,
which dyes we employ; how we finish our work; how it will be cared for and how it finishes its life – and those are
part of freedom too. As ever it is always a balancing act and the freedom to make those choices and to justify them
to ourselves and the wider world is part of the work that we create.

Woven art by weavers from Sweden, UK, Italy, France, Belgium and The Netherlands can be seen in the virtual exhibition which is now live here.

In this exhibition you will find highly personal responses to what freedom means to each of the exhibitors. It is worth taking the time to read the thought and decision processes behind each artist’s work because each philosophy informs the work and leads to a deeper understanding both of the artist and of the art.

And if you want to get in touch, contact: www.weefnetwerk.nl and exhibition@weefnetwerk.nl.