I said last week that I would show you something similar to the combined single and double cloth, but with floats.  Because of the floats, the cloth is now a single layer. 

Using the same design, but turning the ‘blocks’ on the second layer into plain weave, we now have a single plain cloth with areas where the second warp has been integrated, but other areas where it floats behind.  During finishing, those floats really have the opportunity to shrink, and create the puckering. 

Another variation that has an impact is the way you beat the fabric whilst you weave.  Also, if you vary the amount of tension you put on the two warps, either together or separately, you will get different effects.  All great for sampling!! 

Further changes can easily be made by varying the steepness of the design line you are using.  A steeper line will give very clearly defined ridges.  A less steep line gives more of an overall effect. 

You can also integrate the second layer with the first with floats, but with using block lifts, rather than plain weave. 

You can see the variation you can get just by playing around with how you use that second layer.

Next week, getting into the holiday mood, I’ll have an announcement, an invitation and a special offer.  

See you then.  And in the meantime, have some weaving fun!