This week, we have added to the owner occupier number in our house.  We used to have a couple of cats, but the road that runs to the front of our property can be dangerous to unwary felines, and we have lost the last three to cars.  So we vowed not to have any more cats whilst we are here.

That was until this winter when we found we had some unwanted house and studio guests.  Hoping they would return to the fields once the worst of the chill was over, we put up with them for a while.  Then spring sprang, and they increased rather than disappearing.  So finally, we’ve decided we need some extra four-legged help.

Our two new recruits have not really started yet, as they are both rescue cats and are taking a while to settle down.  Mind you, they only came on Thursday, so they need some space and time to acclimatise.  Tomorrow they will be able to venture further than the lounge, and gradually further and further afield under supervision!  One of them is in a really sorry state, having been a much loved pet until her owner died.  The son came and took what he wanted from the house, then put the cat outside and locked up.  That was a year ago and neighbours said he hadn’t been back since.  So the poor puss was left to fend for itself.

It was picked up as a stray this week, and had to have all its fur shaved as it was all matted together!  Poor thing looks like a scrawny rat at the moment, but with all its head fur intact, so a rat with a huge head!!  What people will do to animals is beyond me – but then so is what people will do to other people!!

The other cat is very, very shy, but doesn’t appear to have such obvious trauma.

So they are getting used to being in a new environment with people who will love them and care for them.  They are not quite sure how to take it at the moment, but we just sit quietly there in the room, leaving a strategically placed hand dangling for them to approach as they will, and head butt, and just get used to our smell and our presence.

So far they are doing really well.  Maniac Minnie (not her real name) is starting to panic less, and timid Tilly (not her name either) is starting to venture out into the middle of the floor when it’s really quiet.

Naming is a task that will take a while, so for now they are both lovely girls!  I didn’t want to embarass Maniac Minnie so I won’t post a photo of her sorry state until she has some hair and you can appreciate her beauty…..

On a slightly different tack, a friend sent me a cutting from the Independent featuring the wonderful landscape photography of Hans Strand.  Take a look and drool!!