Thursday was a big day for handweavers in the UK.  Or at least for some of us!  Handweavers Studio, which was the brainchild and baby of Nancy Lee Child, was re-opened in a new more central location with a lot more space and under new management.  Nancy has finally retired and all her past customers wish her a happy and relaxed retirement with time to smell the roses!  Nancy has been indefatigable and resilient, even when her health has not been the best and has provided a wonderful service to weavers for many years.  However, in July this year she finally retired and the Handweavers Studio was transferred to Wendy Morris. 

Wendy is a personal friend of mine, and a dynamic enthusiastic person with drive, vision, passion and grit to get her there.  She is a great weaver and has produced some amazing pieces.  So it is very appropriate that someone of Wendy’s calibre take over Handweavers Studio.  She has relocated the premises to 140 Seven Sisters Road, London N7, and her team of builders have wrought wonders on the former fish market.  It is a light, airy space with shelves on shelves of gorgeous and unusual yarns, weaving, spinning and dyeing equipment, and room for courses.  The team Wendy has are enthusiastic and knowledgeable people.  Charlotte Grierson, who is a well known weaver in her own right, is now the shop manager, but all the staff are wonderful and very approachable. 

So if you are ever in London, go and visit The Handweavers Studio for inspiration, chat and to spend some money!  I can guarantee you’ll want to spend more than you had planned!!