It’s a busy time right now with fun students and book writing but here’s something for this coming week that you might enjoy!

This week is the HGA (Handweavers’ Guild of America) Spinning and Weaving Week online. There are a lot of things going on, and I happen to be participating in two of them.

Thread Talks (a lovely adaptation of Ted Talks!) is a 15 minute dip into something different. I’m going to be talking about texture and tactility and sharing lots of lovely inspirational images hopefully to unlock your creativity around texture and get you thinking about how you can incorporate more tactility and texture into your weaving. I’m the first off the mark tomorrow, October 3rd at 1pm Eastern Time (6pm UK, 7pm CET – Paris) so if you fancy a tea or coffee break (or maybe something a little stronger…) and a 15 minute break, then do please join me!!

The second event is at the end of the week, on Friday 7th October at 11 am Eastern Time (4pm UK, 5pm CET – Paris) and is 25 minutes where I’ll be giving an insight into some of the ideas in our upcoming Woven Optical Illusions book and also sharing about Honeycomb Hybrids under the heading of Marketplace Live. So again, if you want to take a short break with a favourite beverage, and fancy joining me, I’ll be very happy to see you!!

Find out about all the events happening in the Spinning and Weaving Week and register today! It looks like an interesting week.