The smallest, silliest thing can be the straw that broke the camel’s back – in my case, it was the lightweight vacuum cleaner that saw me incapacitated for a whole week this week !! 

Mind you, I think it was probably the beer festival the day before – the heavy beer-fridge moving, plus the hauling of many crates of bottled beer (at least on the return trip they were mostly empty) – that did the damage! Don’t get me wrong…it was a great beer festival with lovely folks, great ambience and a lot of fun and dancing, but even so, it has put me off lending a helping hand to my micro-brewer husband for a little while! And I don’t even like beer!! 


the enforced non-weaving time has given me some thinking space to get the creative juices going and whilst I was gingerly protecting my back, I played a little mental game. 

Hopefully you have enjoyed delving into the stories of the wonderful weaving artists and teachers who have shared how they got the weaving bug here on my blog! I can’t believe that these have been going for over a year! And I am definitely not stopping them – there are some fabulous weavers coming up –  but I thought it might be fun to introduce another element to the blog. 

The game I played was an alphabet game – now you all know that I’m a secret nerd! –  and I started going through the alphabet listing all the things that I could think of to do with the topic of weaving. I’ve managed to find something for every letter of the alphabet, but some of them have far fewer ideas than others!

What I’d like to know is, would you be willing to help me with some suggestions? 

For instance, I could really do with your help for K and Z (2 ideas so far) but J, N, Q, Y and Z only have one each. X, I confess, is my worst attempt – Xtreme yarns – so you can see I really need your help!!! 

Think of it as an adaptation on Scrabble – what crazy words can you conjure up connected, however vaguely, with weaving? 

I’m going to make it into something fun so what do you think about this idea? 

Click here to email me directly with your inspiration – the wilder the better – and if I use your suggestion, I’ll let the world know – well anyone who reads this blog, that is! Hopefully you like play too, and you’ll join me in having fun together! 

I’m really looking forward to hearing some whacky ideas and connecting with you!! Here’s my email again. 

Happy weaving!!

PS – I know the photos have absolutely nothing to do with the post, but they are from my gentle walks this week in our local park, La Garenne (the warren) by the River Baïse in Nérac. Weaverly textures, I thought. And the Chalet is known locally as the Buvette (little drinks) although they also serve tasty meals al fresco.

PPS – And please note the ï in Baïse – without it, you are being very rude!! LOL