Isn’t it always lovely to receive something unexpected in the post? It’s a funny feeling – you wonder ‘what did I order that I can’t remember?’, then you feel it all over to see if it will bring anything to mind or give you a clue. Finally, you open it and WOW! What a surprise!!

This happened to me a couple of weeks ago, but I waited until now to share it because it’s linked to a weaving exhibition that I thought you would also be really interested in knowing about and visiting, in person if possible, but definitely virtually!

A little backstory – 8 years ago (yes, really!!!) I went to New Zealand for a fabulous trip teaching and exhibiting. The wonderful Agnes Haüptli and I were putting on an exhibition together called Nature in the Making which was in two venues in New Zealand and went on to go to Tacoma (Washington State, US), Switzerland and Holland, and my part of it was also shown in the UK. It was the culmination of several US trips that we’d been on together whenever we had gone to attend Complex Weavers Seminars. Agnes also arranged a teaching tour of both islands of New Zealand for me whilst I was there. At one of the weekend workshops, I was staying with a weaver called Mary Anderson and her lovely husband Gavin.

Well, the surprise in the post was from Mary. She had attended a texture workshop I gave and is also a member of the Professional Weavers Network in New Zealand (I was lucky enough to be invited to give their keynote speech at their conference that year). Every two to three years, they set themselves exhibition titles and create some amazing artworks which tour to several venues around New Zealand. Anyway, as a result of that workshop 8 years ago, Mary had produced many many samples (over 50) whilst researching for the latest exhibition called Ngahere. The package she sent me (complete with some gorgeous postage stamps!) was of four wonderful samples of woven shibori that she used to create some beautiful lengths for the exhibition. Agnes took some photos of the exhibition which you can see on her Facebook page (if you’re a friend). Hopefully they’ll appear on the PWN site very soon! But if you can go in person to any of the 7 venues, I think you’re in for a treat!

Weaving is definitely alive and kicking some butt in New Zealand!!!

Until next time,

Happy Weaving!