My lovely 12-shaft, 14-treadle Louët Spring countermarche loom is looking for its next weaving paradise! Sadly, I am having to say goodbye to a very lovely loom because I just don’t have room to house all my weaving companions!! The shed on this loom is just tremendous and it’s really easy to use.

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Here are all the details:   (images from top left, 14 treadles; heddles; bottom from left, countermarche system; detachable sectional warp and second back beam with cross sticks and warp sticks; 3 reeds.)

  • 12 shaft Louët Spring (countermarche), 14 treadles, 90cm (35 3/8”) weaving width.
  • Very good condition.
  • Two warp beams, second back beam, second beam sectional attachment included.
  • 3 reeds (4, 10, 12 dpi).
  • Over 120 tie-up connections each in both short and long ties.
  • Approximately 200 heddles per shaft.
  • Warp sticks and cross (lease) sticks.
  • 2 large boat shuttles with 10 pirns.
  • Selection of yarn also included.

2950€   Buyer to collect from SW France.

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