I am delighted to announce that Woven Shibori for Textural Effects is now available as a downloadable pdf for 15€.

I can’t believe that I wrote this in 2010.  That means that I have been playing with (oops, sorry – ‘working on’) shibori, seersucker and other dimensional effects in weaving for at least 8 years!  I had a limited printing run as it was self-funded, and that sold out quite a while ago.  So finally, after being asked several times to make it available, I have decided to print it as a downloadable pdf, which I hope you will enjoy.  To give it a different identity, I have given it a different image on the cover, which is not the same as the one shown here.

If you want to order it from me, please email me at stacey@theloomroom.co.uk and I shall send you a Paypal payment request, and then send you the download link once payment has been received.  Paypal will allow you to pay in euros, whatever your own currency.

It’s a busy time of year for many people, so whatever your customs, I hope you have a very enjoyable time with friends and family wherever you happen to be in the world.

Happy Weaving!