What a lovely summer we are having here at The Loom Room!

The weather is hot and sunny, the workshop cool and creative, the plunge pool the icing on the cake!!

I’ve been privileged to have hosted students from many parts of the globe this year so far, and still September and October to go!  From Israel, Australia, Spain, France, UK, and Switzerland, we have all had a fabulous time, with lots of laughs, good food, delicious wines, trips out and about, sunflower fields in full abundance and some lovely weaving done too!  My heartfelt congratulations to all the weavers who have participated in this summer’s weaving school!  Here are just four of them – Anne, Jean, Caroline, Lisa)

In August, the Browns take a little breather to enjoy the house and garden, and to welcome friends and family visitors to this part of France, and strangely enough, as each year passes, more and more of our nearest and dearest are coming to stay…  We are watching chicks grow into hens (we think….!), different plants come into flower and seed, and tending our first potager.  Plus we are really enjoying the wonderful outdoor life which is celebrated so vivaciously and plentifully in this region – night markets are everywhere (we could easily go to one every night of the week – with Sunday off!), you can see a short video below of a glimpse into the Saturday morning market in Nérac, and there are wonderful places to visit, such as the incredibly varied bastide towns and villages in this part of Lot-et-Garonne, many vinyards that sell their own wine direct to the customer (we live in the Buzet region – very appropriate!!), and the gentle rolling hills that make up the Val d’Albret along the River Baise (pronounced By-eze).

We are so lucky to live here and to share it with our visitors and students, so if you’d like to come and see for yourself what all the fuss is about, do please get in touch – stacey@theloomroom.co.uk.  Happy Weaving!