Autumn has been late arriving here in Gascony, South West France. It’s a lovely time of year here – the sun is still beautifully warm, the rainy days few and far between, the fields a range of yellows, browns and green which turn golden, orange and russet colours at sunset, and now the leaves are changing colour and falling in the breezes.

Here in the studio, we are coming to the end of our courses for the year. Once November comes, I shall be working on weaving further samples for a new book on Stitched Double Cloth and experimenting with some artwork. I am giving a colour workshop for the Spinners & Weavers of South West France on November 11th, which will be a fabulous opportunity to meet guild members in this part of France.

Autumn is also when we begin planning course dates for next year, and I would like to ask you for your input. Do you have specific dates that you want to reserve for next year between April and October? Whilst I can’t guarantee to be able to run courses on all requested weeks, I shall do my very best to accommodate as many as possible.

There are no dates available in August however, as I shall be in Australia on a weaving teaching tour, courtesy of Belinda Rosee. This is an amazing opportunity to experience a country that has fascinated me for a long time and I was overjoyed to receive the invitation!

So if you have dates that you want to put in your diary for next year, do send me an email and I look forward to welcoming you here to La Tuilerie!

Happy Autumn, and Happy Weaving!