Hi and welcome to my first ever video blog notes!  Unfortunately, I can’t upload the video directly to this page because of its file size, so you’ll have to view it through Facebook.

During the 5min video, I referred to Complex Weavers, an organisation for curious weavers – the sort that ask “what if I do this?” or “what happens if I do that?”.  They are a brilliant organisation – completely volunteer run, international (although with the majority of members in North America), who organise a 3-day conference of seminars every second year, and who publish a journal every quarter.  There are study groups that members can join which have varying levels of participation.  I happen to belong to two – Collapse, Pleat and Bump which researches how to create textural surfaces through various means, and the Double Cloth group which explores all things in two layers.  Both are active, invigorating and also challenging groups which keep me on my toes and experimenting.

I also showed you Mary Schoeser’s wonderful book called Textiles, published by Thames and Hudson.  I am honoured to have two of my pieces in the book (pages 189 & 191) and it is an amazing resource showcasing hundreds of textile artists, encompassing different approaches and with a phenomenal amount of images and eye candy!!  This is a coffee table book par excellence, but with an in-depth approach from a scholar to boot!!

Please do let me know what you think of the video approach – I am trying it in response to a number of requests – and if it is a success, I’ll continue posting videos and then supplementing it with background notes here in the blog.

It’s always fun to try something new and if it means we can have more conversations about weaving and other shared passions, like books, yarns, scenery, lifestyle, etc., then that’s fabulous!  You can always reach me via my Facebook (i) pages (ii) – each word has a separate link to my two different pages – or by emailing stacey@theloomroom.co.uk 

Thanks so much for being in our wonderful weaving community and part of my life!

Happy Weaving!