Never have we been in more need of weaving as a therapeutic activity!

Many people’s lives changed so much as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every-day living became either more intensive and overwhelming because of being restricted in movement and sequestered indoors, or else physical social connectivity – a vital part of being human – completely disappeared leaving feelings of isolation and intense loneliness.

In these situations it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the lack of control we feel against this global situation made very deeply personal to every one of us.

Weaving has always been one of my main go-to strategies for centering myself, acknowledging these awful feelings of panic and overwhelm that wash over us and then passing through those to a place of calmness, objectivity and peace of mind.

Immersing ourselves in nature, appreciating the small things in life, deep breathing, gentle meditative art exercises and mindful weaving* all help to instill a calm centre, lead to restful sleep and the enjoyment of relaxing company.

The objective behind this week is for you to unwind in an artistic and relaxing setting, to try some weaving, to walk, to read, to journal/meditate, to do gentle exercises if you wish so that you can return to your daily life rejuvenated and refreshed with some useful techniques to help you get back to that sweet spot whenever you want. This is about you and your well-being!


*The loom is prepared before your arrival – no brain work required (unless you want it)!!

The Structure:

This is not a course, per se. Throughout each day there are different events – for instance, a yoga/meditation session, a walk in nature, weaving sessions, or perhaps a guided art exercise. These are all optional for you to join if you wish. We can incorporate other things if you have something specific in mind and it is within my power to deliver. Just get in touch.

The Experience:

This introduction to Well-Being Weaving will give you practical strategies for using these various tools and weaving your way to better mental health and equilibrium, leaving you refreshed and able to cope more easily with the challenges of every-day life in our ‘brave new world’. Who knows – you might find yourself drawn to this wonderful world of Well-Being Weaving and want to learn more! Get in touch here to plan your well-being reset!

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