The Structure:

This round-robin workshop gives you the opportunity to explore four facets in three modules of this fascinating technique.

  1. Traditional and (1b) weft-dominant Honeycomb.  This module allows you to explore variations including spacing the honeycomb for different effects, and creating weft-dominant honeycomb which gives very different results.
  2. Honeyhuck – this module explores the floats element of honeycomb and is influenced by huck lace.
  3. Deflected Double Weave – this is a different approach to deflected double weave that brings the structure to the fore.


This course, based on the book Honeycomb Hybrids : Honeycomb for All Tastes*, introduces you to perhaps a different way of approaching honeycomb, seeing connections with other weaving techniques and encouraging you to explore beyond the basics of any one technique.

Honeycomb is a largely under-rated structure, traditionally consisting of plain weave cells alternating with warp and weft float cells. Whilst simple in form, it lends itself to different uses and adaptations.

As an Intermediate I level weaver, you will have a working knowledge of weaving plain weave, twills and some experience of two-shuttle weaving. 

*Honeycomb Hybrids : Honeycomb for All Tastes can be bought from Amazon as a hard-copy book, or direct from me as a pdf.

The Experience:

Using honeycomb to think about different techniques brings a new perspective to weaving that a number of students have found refreshing and innovative, helping them to understand the elements of the structure to approach their own weaving in a new light.

This is a fun and light course with lots of experimentation, happy accidents, and wonderful results! Play is definitely encouraged!!

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